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The Best Body Scrub For Beautiful, Smooth Skin

We tell you everything about body scrubs so that you can choose the one that best suits the needs of your skin. This taking care of our skin is not new. In ancient times, the Egyptians bathed in ointments that today are still our favorite products for their effectiveness in removing dead cells.

It is also known that the gypsies of Hungary were the ones who introduced the first exfoliations to the beauty market. And that’s where it all started. If you are one of those who wonder why you need to exfoliate your skin, the answer is simple: you need a little extra help. The skin is naturally renewed every 28 days, and although our body is capable of renewing dead cells, time, age, or external factors such as tension, fatigue or stress, slow down this process.

Therefore, if these dead cells are not removed, the skin does not oxygenate itself, it does not absorb moisture, and, consequently, it becomes dull, dehydrated, and loses shine and radiance. Conclusion? It would help if you had an excellent exfoliator so that your skin looks in all its splendor.

1. How Many Times A Week Can The Body Be Exfoliated

It will depend on the state and nature of your skin. The body scrub cannot be applied to irritated, inflamed, or rash skin. On normal skin, the experts at the Alexandra Arráez aesthetic and image center are clear: “If you have delicate or sensitive skin, use an exfoliant every two weeks.

On normal or combination skin, once a week, just like the oily skin, but without acne lesions. If you have pimples, dermatitis, or any skin lesion, avoid the affected area or consult an expert before using it. ”

2. How Do You Use A Body Scrub

The ideal moment is to use it once we have cleaned the skin with soap. You can apply it in the shower itself or after it. “This is the crucial moment. In this way, we will avoid spreading viable bacteria.

How Do You Use A Body Scrub

We benefit from the softening that water causes in the corneal layer, which will help us to obtain a more effective exfoliation with minimal aggression, leaving, in turn, that lotions moisturizers or oils that we put on later penetrate better into the skin “, they explain to us from Rituals.

It is essential to apply a moisturizing or nourishing cream afterward ( here we leave you the best ones ) since it is very likely that you will notice your skin red and thirsty. A good body cream will alleviate this effect.

3. Can All Skins Use The Same Scrub

Except for damaged or very sensitive skin, yes, everyone could use the same one. However, from the Alexandra Arráez image and aesthetic center, they recommend using one that suits the needs of each person.

“How to get through, nothing happens, the function of the scrub is what it is; but for more effective results, and taking into account that the market is growing, today there are scrubs that adapt to any deficiency, for so it will always be more advisable to choose one that meets those needs. ”

4. What Should Each Skin Type Look For When Using An Exfoliator

Mainly that it is not too aggressive. “If our skin is healthy and fine but prone to reactivity, we will choose a cream scrub with exfoliating silica particles. On the contrary, if our skin is thick, it is best to select those that offer a good drag and retexturize the skin visibly, “explains Jennifer Douville, director of training for the cosmetics brand Rituals.

For the latter case, those that have a coarse base of salt or sugar come in handy. On the other hand, if our skin is dehydrated, we must ensure that they contain oils to prevent the skin from becoming dry.

5. What Is The Best Body Scrub

Considering your skin type, here is this suggestive showcase with the best body scrubs so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Ready to “brand new skin”?

a. Clinique Sparkle Skin Body Scrub

Being so soft, you can use it once a week, even if you have sensitive or nuanced skin; and up to 3 times if your skin is normal, combination or oily. Thus, this exfoliator from Clinique stimulates the skin and restores its natural shine by exfoliating its surface slightly.

Thanks to its refreshing formula and enriched with botanical ingredients, it eliminates harshness. Mode of application. Use it in the shower, with wet skin, and using rotating movements.

What Is The Best Body Scrub

b. Elemis Spa Home Frangipani Monoi Salt Glow Body Scrub

It is a bit expensive, but all the users of Lookfantastic agree on the same thing: it is worth it. Formulated with mineral-rich salts and hibiscus, this scrub purifies and exfoliates the skin. But also, thanks to its Tahitian monoï oil, your skin will be sealed, hydrated, and much smoother.

c. Caudalie Crushed Cabernet Body Scrub

It is used by one of my best friends, and she is delighted because this Caudalie scrub, in addition to removing dead cells, has a slimming and draining action that eliminates cellulite.

Thanks to its natural formula with crushed grape seeds mixed with brown sugar, pure Gironde honey, and six organic essential oils, Caudalie’s Crushed Cabernet Scrub smoothes out irregularities, leaving the skin smooth and very soft. Your results are assured. It is enough to use it two times a week on wet skin and with circular movements.

d. Bath Therapy Relaxing Blend Biotherm Body Scrub

It is the one I use. Like many of you, my skin is porcelain, easily irritated, and sensitive. That’s why, ever since a pharmacist recommended this Biotherm scrub, my skin looks its best.

Being composed of perlite and argan powder, it performs a gentle exfoliation eliminating dead cells. The essence of berries and rosemary is what calms and relaxes the skin.

e. Rituals The Ritual of Mehr Body Scrub

Smoother skin with extra pampering, The Ritual of Mehr by Rituals will help you achieve it. With 92.6% ingredients of natural origin, its oils hydrate, cry out and revitalize the skin, while the sugar and orange particles gently exfoliate it.

Expert trick. They recommend it to us from the brand. Once you apply it (with wet skin, do not forget), do not rinse it, but immerse yourself in a warm water bath. The sugar will melt into the water, and its oils will act as bath oil.

f. Lancome Clarte Body Scrub

Its white wax microbeads make it ideal for combination skin. Gently removes dead cells and facilitates cell renewal for transparent, smooth, and clean skin.

One of its points in favor is that these white wax microspheres contain salicylic acid, an active that guarantees exfoliation adapted to this type of skin. It also includes pineapple and papaya, two ingredients that promote flaking and revive the skin’s radiance.

g. Collistar Talasso anti-aging body scrub

I gave it to my mother, and she is delighted that this Collistar scrub is a real regenerating treatment that helps fight skin aging and makes it look immediately shiny, supple, and ultra-smooth.

Thanks to its essential oils, orange blossom, and Sicilian citrus fruits, it combines the benefits of thalassotherapy with those of orange fruit therapy, carrying out four different actions – exfoliation, cell renewal, anti-free radicals, and whitening.

Rich in flavonoid acids and vitamin C, this super product will make your skin look younger while preventing the formation of blemishes. That alone is worth a try.

h. Clarins Gommage Peau Neuve Body Scrub

Generally speaking, Clarins is a brand that I tend to like quite a bit, which is why I really wanted to try your scrub. From the first application, you will notice how the skin softens, and impurities are removed.

In addition, giving it that little push to stimulate cell renewal helps to avoid and reduce the padded appearance. Your skin will become more resistant, firm, and smooth to the touch.

Its formula contains exfoliating bamboo powders, moringa seed extract – which detoxifies -, mimosa tenuiflora extract – comforting -, licorice extract – soothing – and shea butter, which deeply nourishes.

i. Soap & Glory Buff And Ready Body Scrub

They recommend it for sensitive skin as it is incredibly gentle. Its scent of coconut and green apple will make you fall in love. And thanks to the green tea extract, you will eliminate impurities, at the same time that your skin will take on a much smoother appearance.

To achieve this, all you have to do is apply a generous amount to damp skin and spread it over your entire body in circular motions.

j. Origins Ginger Body Scrub Body Scrub

It is one of my favorites because of its texture and the feeling that remains on the skin once you rinse it, soft like a baby’s.

Thanks to the Dead Sea salts and the warm ginger scrape, all traces of impurities are removed. In turn, it also includes macadamia, soy, kukui nut, and sweet almond oils, which soothe and hydrate the skin.

k. L’Occitane Shea Butter Ultra Rich Body Scrub

On the L’Occitane website, it flies, so you’ll have to hurry if you don’t want to be without it. This L’Occitane Ultra Rich Shea Body Scrub contains 10% shea butter, apricot oil, and pieces of walnut shells. With this, it manages to eliminate dead skin cells without drying them out. The skin is smooth, nourished, and super soft.

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