Predicted Upcoming Aesthetics Trends in 2023

As more people choose non-surgical procedures to enhance their appearance, the aesthetics business is adopting new trends as 2023 is already in sight. The industry has seen first-hand the interest in and desire for novelty in the area, which has experienced unheard-of growth year after year and shows no signs of slowing down. Here are some of the predictions for upcoming trends in the aesthetic industry in 2023.

1. PLLA Fillers (Poly-l-lactic Acid Fillers)

PLLA fillers, or more technically Poly-L-Lactic Acid Fillers, are predicted to dominate the market and trends in the coming year and are predicted to rise significantly after 2023. PLLA fillers, in contrast to conventional dermal fillers, are bio-stimulatory fillers that progressively restore volume to the injected area. PLLA fillers are injectable, absorbable, semi-permanent implants that encourage the creation of natural collagen to add volume to the injected area over time.

We may anticipate that patients will gravitate towards this trend, the PLLA filler movement is perfect for patients who have now moved towards a “natural look” as a result of the “less is more” philosophy. Unlike the instantly evident results obtained through the use of conventional fillers, progressive results can be seen over time.

By helping the body’s natural collagen production, PLLA fillers operate in harmony with the body to generate natural effects over time, making this the ideal treatment for people seeking a more natural appearance.

2. Cherry Lips

Following the expansion of the lip augmentation market, lip filler trends have continued to develop, and one procedure that has patients interested is cherry lips. The term “cherry lips” is a fun allusion to the form that the filler procedure produces and was first made popular in Korea, a country known for its beauty industry.

We can anticipate patients switching from their present lip technique to the more natural cherry lips approach as there is an increasing demand for a natural-looking result. If you are looking for the perfect aesthetics clinic for your natural-looking lips then Dr Hennessy’s Aesthetics Clinic is the right place to go, only employing people with a medical background means you can get the best results for your lips.

Practitioners concentrate on filling only the central sections of the top and bottom lip, rather than dispersing filler over the entire surface area to give the lips an all-over plumping impression. The cherry lips technique is designed to give volume exclusively to the middle portion of the lip, giving the appearance of four cherries—two on top and two on the bottom—for a soft pout that doesn’t sacrifice volume or lift.

3. Skin Booster Treatments

As part of the trend toward a more natural approach, which may be the overall biggest trend for the coming year, we can anticipate that patients will first prioritize skin restoration before moving to facial volumization procedures. Following the 2022 skin booster boom, we anticipate that in the upcoming year, skin boosters will experience an even higher surge as patients step up their skincare routines.

Skin boosters, as opposed to other injectables like conventional dermal fillers, are designed to assist hydrate and revitalizing dry, lifeless skin rather than volume restoration. This encourages patients to embrace a makeup-free, natural appearance without being overly enhanced.

Skin boosters go deeper than the epidermis to correct skin imperfections and give a powerful burst of moisture with formulas that contain hyaluronic acid (HA). The benefits of skin boosters significantly outweigh those of topical lotions and moisturizers, giving the skin a radiant glow.

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