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Permanent Nails: Everything You Need To Know

Permanent manicure has changed our lives since we can now show our nails as more beautiful and impeccable than ever without risks or worries. If you still have doubts about nails with permanent enamel, here you will get all the answers.

Wearing beautiful and well-groomed hands is the best cover letter. It makes us feel more confident, and it is also an excellent way to follow trends since the nail art universe is constantly reinventing itself, and there are more and more options to show off impeccable nails.

Having your nails done is the best complement to our look, without a doubt, and that is why getting a permanent manicure is the new beauty staple.

Few of us resist permanent nail polish because of its innumerable advantages, but there are still doubts about it. Where and how to do this manicure? What do I need? How much does it cost, or how to withdraw it? Is it harmful to my natural nail? All of the answers to these doubts are in this definitive guide on permanent nails.

1. What Are Permanent Nails?

The permanent manicure is probably the most demanded aesthetic treatment and a true revolution in the world of beauty. In addition to their high durability, permanent nails are elegant and can be worn in infinite designs and colors, on short and long nails… And always with a very natural result.

With permanent nails, we can do any activity without fear of losing the color or detaching the nails, unlike the artificial or false ones of a lifetime. They shine more, rejuvenate the hands, and do not chip.

2. What Is The Difference Between Permanent And Semi-permanent Nails?

It is perhaps the question that generates the most doubts. Is a permanent manicure the same as a semi-permanent one? We clear it up. Both manicures are more durable than traditional nail polish, and both require UV curing to set. There is no definitive enamel since the nail grows, but there is a slight difference between the two.

To achieve greater hardness and fixation, the permanent manicure is done on a more dense base, acrylic or gel. Subsequently, the enamel is applied, or the desired design is made and dried in a lamp. The semi-permanent manicure is done with a nail polish dried in ultraviolet light.

3. What Are The Advantages Of Permanent Manicure?

The base gel goes directly on the nails, protecting them simultaneously to strengthen them and allow the enamel always to be intact. With permanent nails, we can work, type, and go on vacation without fearing their duration or that the polish will rise or fall.

It does not need any maintenance at home, although the ideal is to put cuticle oil and moisturizing cream so that the hands look more hydrated and, therefore, more beautiful.

Another of their significant advantages is that they are perfect for women with little time since with a visit to the beauty salon or a little bit of pampering at home, we will forget about our hands for several weeks.

How Long Does Permanent Nail Polish Last?

As for the duration, permanent nail polish can last 20 or 30 days. It all depends on the growth of the nail.

4. What Is Needed To Do A Permanent Manicure?

It is straightforward to find a permanent manicure kit with everything you need, but we can also buy all the tools separately. In addition to hand sanitizer, we need base gel, permanent nail polish, topcoat, file, orange stick, cuticle remover (scraper and pliers), and, of course, a UV or LED light lamp (the difference between the two is the drying time ).

5. How Is Permanent Nail Polish Applied?

First, you have to prepare the nail with the file to shape it, achieve the desired length, and remove the cuticle. Then, with a very clean and disinfected nail, apply the base coat and dry in a UV or LED lamp.

The process continues by applying the permanent nail polish with a gel finish on the nails and drying them again in the lamp (two layers must be used to make them look beautiful and last as long as possible). Lastly, apply the topcoat to protect the nail polish and achieve that gloss effect, which fascinates us, and dry.

The ideal is to apply a little specific oil for cuticles or argan at the end, which is a pure vitamin to achieve healthy and strong nails. And prettier!

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Permanent Manicure?

The prices of the permanent manicure can range between 15 and 30 euros, depending on the salon.

6. Can I Do My Permanent Nails At Home?

Yes, ideally, although you will need some basic ones for permanent nail polish. Specific enamels, lamp, base and topcoat… The process is the same as in the salon; only the process can be slower if we don’t have much skill.

It is best to go little by little; once you get the hang of it, you can boast perfect permanent nails in less than 30 minutes.

7. How To Remove Permanent Nail Polish?

Removing permanent nail polish cannot be done crazily, mainly to avoid greater evils in our nails. How can we do it? The most effective option is to do it at the beauty center, where they have specific products, or remove the enamel with a drill.

If you want to remove it at home, the process is slower but possible. You should use ten pieces of cotton and put it on the nail soaked in nail polish remover (if it is pure acetone, better than better). Then, you have to put a little aluminum foil on each finger and press it so that the cotton with the product adheres well to the nail.

On sites like Amazon, they sell specific plastic clips to remove permanent nail polish. After 15 minutes, we remove the aluminum and the cotton, and we will see that the enamel has come off. We will remove the excesses and clean nails with an orange stick (and very carefully)!

8. What Disadvantages Do Permanent Nails Have?

Although they last a long time, are very comfortable, allow us to save time, and are impeccable, permanent nails also have some drawbacks. The main one is that they can weaken the nail with prolonged use, but nothing that a nail repairer can’t fix and take a break between polishing and polishing every once in a while.

The price must also be considered since permanent enamels are more expensive, and to remove them, the ideal is to go to a beauty salon.

9. How To Recover Nails After Permanent Enamel?

Careful and beautiful nails are the best letter of introduction, but you will likely see them weak or dehydrated after wearing them with permanent enamel. In addition to giving the nail a break, it is easy to recover them with a bit of care and a few essential products.

In addition to a good diet and drinking water (essential for hair and nails to grow healthy). Not only with the moisturizing hand cream that we use but also with some natural oil such as castor oil and even olive oil.

If they are fragile, it is advisable to buy a hardener, one of those applied like nail polish, and take care of the cuticles with a specific oil that we will use with a slight massage until completely absorbed.

There are moisturizing bases with vitamin E and keratin that will reinforce the hydration and protection of the nail while adding shine.

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