Prepares, Protects, and Repairs: The Three Phases For a Golden, Healthy, And Long-lasting Tan

Exposure to the sun’s rays can be severe if proper care is not taken before, during, and after. Today we bring you six products to get a beautiful tan while keeping your skin healthy, protected, and hydrated.

The sun is essential and has many beneficial effects: it facilitates the synthesis of Vitamin D, stimulates the defenses, balances cholesterol … However, an excess of sun without protection can have very harmful effects on health.

An expert brand in sun care has a complete range of products specifically formulated to offer comprehensive skin protection in three phases. Its formulations help effectively prevent specific sun exposure symptoms such as spots, dehydration, or skin inflammation.

Here we explain how to include these three phases in your summer beauty tour. Make space in your toiletry bag!

Step 1: Prepare

The first step is to prepare for the sun through specific products that stimulate the natural defenses of the skin against solar radiation; that is, they help to produce melanin and reduce the time necessary for sun exposure to obtain the desired tan—reducing, therefore, the harmful effects of greater exposure to the sun.

Immediate Bronzers incorporate assets such as carrot extract and tyrosine that stimulate melanin and are enriched with Vitamins C and E and Almond Oil, assets that act against free radicals and regulate and maintain an optimal level of hydration on the skin, keeping it healthy, smooth, and juicy.

  • Immediate bronzer
  • Immediate Facial Bronzer

Step 2: Protect

Adequate protection against solar radiation is essential. But many times, we are lazy to use sunscreens with heavy and unpleasant textures. In facial and body formats, line of Ultralight SPF 50+ protectors combine super-light textures with a matte and dry finish, fast absorption, and high-spectrum sunscreens against the action of water-resistant UVA and UVB rays.

In addition, they are enriched with vitamins C and E, active ingredients with anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-free radical effects. We love the facial format for daily use under makeup. It is absorbed by the skin in a matter of seconds!

We love the facial format for daily use under makeup. It is absorbed by the skin in a matter of seconds!

  • Sunscreen Ultralight SPF 50+
  • Ultralight SPF 50+ Facial Protector

Step 3: Repair

Treating the skin properly after exposure to the sun is essential to repair it and prolong the tan. The formulations of the Post solar Bronze + line facilitating cell regeneration thanks to their concentration of active ingredients with repairing and anti-aging properties.

In the same way, they provide an immediate sensation of hydration and freshness that soothes irritation and inflammation of the skin.

In addition, its high Inositol content intensifies and prolongs the tan while activating the synthesis of collagen. Apply them all over your body (not just your legs!) And trust us, you will notice the difference.

We love that the packaging is so large, so we cover most of the summer.

  • Bronze + Post solar Facial Repair Serum
  • Post-Solar Repair Lotion Bronze +
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